Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the decimation of my industry, I’ve found myself with more time on my hands. So, I decided to spend time creating a piece of digital art inspired by my favourite film ever made to help me pay the bills. It is no coincidence that I decided to choose a moment, where two best friends are together during tragedy and yet impossibly separated – desperate to just be with one another.

The piece is A3 in size, created by hand on an iPad Pro, professionally printed four ways by an independent British print company, on high quality paper to best show-off the vibrance of the image. I decided to frame mine with a mount, however it’s entirely up to you how you think it’s best to display. Mine is now proudly hung above my bed to help me sleep well and prosper.

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To order yours, please click the ADD TO CART button below, and then at the bottom of this page your shopping cart will appear, where you can choose the numbers of prints you wish to purchase, then click ‘Check Out With PayPal’.

The “Your Friend” A3 print is priced at £30 + £5 for UK postage and packaging. International orders are £30 + £10 for shipping and packaging.

Print comes unframed. All orders come with a signed thank-you card from me. The print comes unsigned by default, unless you would like it to be, in which case, please just e-mail mail@andrewkeates.co.uk to let me know where you’d like it signed. There is no extra charge.

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International Orders

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  1. val hughes says:

    I would love my picture signed please

    • Absolutely my pleasure Val. And you’re the very first to order too 🙂
      I’ll sign in small in the bottom right corner as well as include a thank you card as well.


  2. Kay Guccione says:

    Hi, So excited I got two! One for a friend too — how can I provide you with the second address?

    • I can’t believe it! I’ve just seen your order come in. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If you want to send me the best addresses to mail@andrewkeates.co.uo and whether you’d like them signed, I’ll make sure to warp them both in the right direction for you.

      Thank you for ordering and I hope you love them!


    • Hey Kay, if you want to send me where you’d like your second print to go to mail@andrewkeates.co.uk and if you’d like them signed etc, I’l be sure to make sure I get them on the right shuttle. Thank you so much for such a big order. It means the world to me. LLAP.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Andrew
    I love the Art, and that’s my primary reason for buying.

    However, I also love that I might, in some small way, Ariz you in continuing creatively.

    Please keep going.

    • Paul, this is such a generous kind thing to do, and I’m so very happy I can send you something I hope you enjoy. Like with all challenges, I only know how to respond creatively. Thank you

  4. Sophie Hamlet says:

    Bought! This is simply gorgeous – I can’t wait to put in pride of place in my living room…

    If you have recommendations on where to get a nice frame, I’d be super grateful.

    Stay safe and well 🙂


    • Awwwwww! I’m over the moon! I would DEFINITELY recommend getting a larger frame and there’s loads of companies who will do a lovely white cardboard mount very cheaply. That’s exactly what I did with mine. I think Ikea do some great reasonably priced modern frames too!

  5. Claire Hubbert says:

    Hello Andrew

    Please can I have mine signed?

    Thank you so much I love it!


  6. Victoria Evans says:

    This is one of my favourite scenes too, so happy birthday me and all the very best to you xx

  7. Andrew McDermott says:

    Just ordered mine. Love Star Trek, but weirdly not a massive fan of the OS. However, this is one of my favourite scenes in the who ST universe and you’ve done a brilliant job!


  8. Sara says:

    Hello Andrew.

    I saw your post on Instagram and I loved the print from the very first moment I saw it.
    I’m getting one and also spreading the word around. I’m deeply saddened by what’s happening to the world right now
    and especially to the theater industry. I don’t understand why it is not valued more since theater is the base of any kind of
    entertainment and it’s from where the most talented actors and directors come from.
    Could you sign it as well? I would love that. And I already have a space for it in my living room.

    • Oh Sara! You’re one of my best champions. Of course I can sign it for you. Order is received and I’ll be sure to sign in small on the bottom right corner and will send a special thank you card too. Thanks so much for everything and I promise to get it sent out toward the end of the week, as you may have seen in my other comments that I’m just waiting on some special cardboard tubes to make sure it travels safely to you. LLAP

  9. KB says:

    Just ordered and I’d like my print singed as well, please?


    • Yes of course, it would be my pleasure. I’ll make sure it’s signed and will be sending out toward the end of the week as soon as I’ve received some special tubing to make sure it travels to you safely. Thank you so much for supporting me during this time. LLAP.

  10. Russell Law says:


    I’m just ordering this for my close friend Phil who is currently in hospital and as been extremely ill. Please can I request that you sign it also.

    Thank you

    • Thank you Russel, I VERY much hope your friend gets better soon. I will of course sign for you and include my very best well wishes in the card I send too.

      Thank you for supporting me and doing such a kind thing for your friend too. You’re clearly a very, very kind person.

  11. Kitty Harrison says:

    I didn’t see a place to put my address and would rather not leave in comments. Can I email it to you?

    Also, could you sign the print? Many thanks and good luck to you.!

    • Hey Kitty!

      I’ve just sent you a thank you e-mail and PayPal sends me your postal address. Please let me know which is the definite address you’d like it sent to and whether you’d like it signed and I’ll make sure everything is looked after for you.

      Thanks so much for ordering

  12. Kitty Harrison says:

    Hello from the US! I just ordered a print for my daughter, who is a brand new Trekkie.

    I didn’t see a way to provide my address and don’t want to post in the comments. Can I email you?

    Also, I’d like it signed, please.

    Many thanks and best of luck to you!

    Kind regards,

  13. James says:

    Hi, just ordered mine. As a freelance sound engineer I thought I would support my colleagues!

    Anyway I would like mine signed please.



    • Oh wow! Thanks James, that’s so good of you to support me when I know you’ll be in such a similar boat. I will OF COURSE sign for you and get it out to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for such a great kindness.

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