by Martin Sherman
27 April – 30 May 2010
Landor Theatre


Best Director: Andrew Keates 
Best Lighting Design: Howard Hudson
Best Male Performance: Russell Morton
Best Male Performance: Chris Barley as Rudy  (Landor)

1930’s Berlin: Max, a carefree gay man and his lover, Rudy, are on the run after witnessing the murder of a German SA officer. The couple are caught and forced to board a train to the chilling concentration camp – Dachau. What follows is a story of love, survival and identity. This justly famous and thought-provoking play of hope, despair and spiritual resistance offers an inspiring insight into the courage and human decency that often shone so brightly in contrast to the dark horrors of the Holocaust. A powerful rejection of the inhumanity towards vulnerable minorities of which even supposedly civilized people are capable, Bent is an unparalleled theatrical portrayal of love and humanity between men persecuted for their emotional and sexual preferences, and a warning from history of the level of individual responsibility each of us bears in allowing or preventing such barbarities.

In close collaboration with author Martin Sherman; the production is directed by Andrew Keates who at 24, is the youngest professional director ever to produce and direct the play.


Max: Russell Morton. Horst: Richard Beanland. Rudy: Chris Barley. 
Greta: John Barr. Wolf: Edward Lewis French. Freddie: Ian Mowat. 
Officer/Captain: Filip Krenus. Corporal: Lloyd Morris. 
Lieutenant/Guard/Kapo: Edward Mitchell


Directed by Andrew Keates.
Designer: Freya Groves.
Lighting Designer: Howard Hudson.
Composer: Lee Freeman.
Sound Designer: Connie Glover.
Casting Director: Thomas Hopkins


Photography by Freya Groves.

“An exemplary revival of the play”
★★★★ Mark Shenton, The Stage

“A powerful and memorable experience. I left the theatre shaking and in tears”
★★★★★ Sophie Cornell, Remote Goat

As 2010 marks the 65th anniversary of the end of World War Two, Bent is a fitting tribute to all those who lost their lives in atrocities the likes of which we hope will never happen again”
Simon Sladen, British Theatre Guide

“This production presents all that recommends it with panache and nuanced understanding, both of its theatrical potential and its instructive message”
★★★★ Michael Hubbard, Music OMH

“A powerful and memorable experience. I left the theatre shaking and in tears”
★★★★★ Sophie Cornell, Remote Goat

“an important historical document for so many of us; but more than that, as Andrew’s production proves, it above all still makes for incredibly powerful and resonant theatre”
★★★★ Mark Shenton, The Stage

“Andrew Keates’ direction is sublime – all the subtle nuances are detected and used. There’s no opinion being hammered at you throughout; the play is simply presented for what it is, and as that, provides the bleakest and starkest of stories”
★★★★★ Sophie Cornell, Remote Goat

“..And best of all, in Andrew Keates’s terrific staging of Martin Sherman’s Bent, first seen at the Landor earlier this year, here’s a production of commitment and real talent…”
★★★★ Mark Shenton, Sunday Express