Chinglish by David Henry Hwang

By David Henry Hwang
European Premiere
Park Theatre, 200
22 March – 22 April 2017

Nominated in the Awards  for BEST PRODUCTION and BEST NEW PLAY

“The first rule of doing business in China is also the last. Always bring your own translator.”

Daniel, an American, wants to open up China for his business. There are only three things standing in his way: he can’t speak the language, he can’t learn the customs, and he’s falling in love with the one woman he can’t have.

Tony award-winning and Pulitzer Prize finalist David Henry Hwang returns to Park Theatre following the sell-out success of Yellow Face (Park Theatre 2013, National Theatre 2014), with the European premiere of his Broadway hit comedy.

Hwang’s hilarious comedy about the misadventures of miscommunication explores the modern difficulty of doing business between East and West.


Lobo Chan, Candy Ma, Duncan Harte, Siu-see Hung,
Windson Liong, Gyuri Sarossi, Minhee Yeo.


Directed by Andrew Keates. Designed by Tim Mcquillen-Wright.
Lighting by Christopher Nairne. Sound Design by James Nicholson. 
Music by Cui Jian. Casting by Annie Rowe.
Produced by Tim Johanson Productions in association with Julie Clare Productions, Arion Productions and Park Theatre.



Photography by Scott Rylander.

“One of the best new theatres”
“Very funny”
“Very poignant”
“You have to go and see this”

“a smart evocative comedy”
“a stand-out performance by Candy Ma”
“an excellent script, staging, and direction”
Chinglish is a must-see play”
“The entertainment value is astronomical”
“its comments on cross-cultural relationships are smart and insightful”
“provides some truly side-splitting laughs”

Grumpy Gay Critic ✭✭✭✭✭
“Hold onto your dim sum, Chinglish is as complex and gripping a drama as it is a laugh out loud farce”
“Tim McQuillen-Wright’s design for Chinglish is absolutely exceptional
“Keates handles face-paced fun, he also creates listing and luscious moments of intrigue and intimacy”
“Keates’ direction is incredibly well paced”
“astonishing talent”
“Candy Ma is absolutely brilliant”
“Gyuri Sarossy also commands a great performance”
“There isn’t a weak member in the rest of the cast”
Chinglish is masterfully complex and engrossing in exploring far more than just the funny side of bad translations”

“This terrific comedy by a master craftsman has its cake and eats it”
“Andrew Keates’s mordantly funny production gets the mood right”

“satisfyingly chewy and complex”, “highly amusing”
Andrew Keates’s slick, bi-lingual production”
“Hwang captures beautifully that unworldly sense of being let loose in a foreign culture”
“A stimulating evening”

“David Henry Hwang’s genuinely laugh-out-loud Chinglish”
“smartly staged by Andrew Keates with finessed comic turns”
“a juicy Mandarin romance”

Chinglish is a brilliantly funny comedy”

“it is just like magic!”
“an exceptional piece of theatre that is both funny and subtly romantic”
“pulled on all my heart strings”
“The entire cast delivered top notch performances”
“I would definitely recommend you go and see Chinglish”
“grab those tickets before it completely sells out. Believe me, it will.”

“every bit as funny, enchanting and engaging as anticipated”.
“Hwang’s story is great fun – a chuckles and charm-filled tale of miscommunication”

“a laugh-out-loud comedy”
“brilliantly funny show”
“The signs are that this comedy about culture and communication will be a big hit”.

“quick-fire dialogue keeps the audience on its feet”
“a fast-paced production with a cleverly designed set”
“superb acting”
“A truly stand-out performance was delivered by Candy Ma”

THEATRECAT (Libby Purvis) ✭✭✭✭
“Hwang catches it all, in a sharp comedy mocking both sides just about equally”
“There are plenty of laughs”
“Lobo Chan as the Minister is wonderful: both funny, threatening and ultimately dignified”

“‘intrigue, romance and laughs”
Candy Ma is excellent”
“David Henry Hwang’s script is witty. Andrew Keates’ direction is well paced and in keeping with the piece.”
“Chinglish is well worth going to see”

Scatter Of Opinion ✭✭✭✭
beautifully designed”
“well timed and well performed”
“superb comic timing”
“well constructed by director Andrew Keates”

“It’s a fantastic vehicle for diversity, smartly written and great fun”.
“The cast are excellent. Bilingual to native standards, they fully convince in both languages”
“Chinglish adds the sort of narrative rarely seen on London stages”
“The cast are excellent”
“excellent productions like Chinglish will usher in a new era of diversity”

“genuine and comically truthful”
“plenty of farcical moments”
“a fully-conceived bilingual production”
“There is much to be praised in Andrew Keates’s production”
“a highly entertaining piece of theatre”

“a critical insight into Chinese and western businesses practices”
“an immersive and engaging play”
“incredibly talented cast whose comedic timing was only exceeded by their acting ability”
“tickles your funny bone whilst tickling your curiosity”
“Kudos to Andrew Keates and Tim Johanson for bringing this production across the pond”
“Chinglish feels authentic to its cause”
“Ma is exceptional as Deputy Minister Xi”

Aleks Sierz
“a beautifully constructed piece of drama”
“Hwang’s plotting is impressively clever”
“the Chinese characters get the last laugh”
“Andrew Keates’s production is intelligent and high-spirited in a marvelously controlled way”
“With its fast pace, and high entertainment value, this is quite a joyful evening carried by its ace cast”
“sharply portrayed, and provide laugh after laugh”