The Thing About Men

The Thing About Men by Jimmy Roberts and Joe Dipietro

Music by Jimmy Roberts.
Book & Lyrics by Joe Dipietro
Landor Theatre
15 May – 9 June 2012

Theatrica Ltd in association with The Landor Theatre have announced the cast and creatives for – The Thing About Men – A Musical Comedy Affair, including JOHN ADDISON, LUCYELLE CLIFFE, PETER GERALD, KATE GRAHAM and STEVEN WEBB. The Thing About Men will play for a strictly limited run of only four weeks at The Landor Theatre; from the writers of the long running Off Broadway hit, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change and the producers/director responsible for the award winning production of The Hired Man at The Landor last August.

The Thing About Men is that they are enigmatic, especially to women. Their innermost thoughts and desires tend not to be revealed, except occasionally, and only in desperation. They lie, they cheat, then lie some more when they are found out. Men lie to each other, the fools, so much – until they find themselves in ridiculous situations they can’t get out of – living with your wife’s new lover, for example; now there’s a bromance with a twist! Imagine, if you will, having to disguise your identity in front of your own wife…ridiculous, just ridiculous! You couldn’t write it…

…But Jimmy Roberts and Joe Dipietro have! The hilarious, yet achingly tragic tale of love, hate and infidelity, based on Doris Dorrie’s German film “Mãnner”, will have you laughing and crying along with our extended love triangle’s antics – ultimately leading to a heart warming denouement… after all. You Can’t Have It All!


Tom Ambrose: Peter Gerald. Lucy Ambrose: Kate Graham. 
Sebastian: John Addison. Man: Steven Webb. Woman: Lucyelle Cliffe


Director: Andrew Keates. Musical Director: Joanna Cichonska
Musical Staging: Cressida Carré. Designer: Martin Thomas
Lighting Designer: Howard Hudson. Sound Designer: Sarah Weltman
Stage Manager: Jai Groves


Andrew Keates and Steven Webb on the Curtain Up Show (ResonanceFM). All photographs by Scott Rylander


Photography by Scott Rylander

“This is a true feel good production”
★★★★ Aline Waites,

“The Landor again scores top marks with a slick and beautifully conceived production of this quirky musical.”
“A stunning cast take the audience on a roller coaster of emotions”
“This production is in a venue renown for its quality and Andrew Keates in the Directors chair does not disappoint.”
“An endearing and highly recommended tonic for anyone in need of a West End quality night out, in an intimate but superb smaller venue.

★★★★ Petra Schofield, Remotegoat

“Andrew Keates has taken this totally enjoyable modern parable of longing, searching and eventual contentment and has sprinkled The Landor’s magical fairy dust all over it to strike gold yet again”
★★★★ Toni Heath – Whatsonthefringe

a story about strange circumstances and the limits of friendship and love, the brilliant combination of wit and catchy musical numbers will leave you singing and chuckling for days.”
Despite being a small cast of five, the vocal harmonies and projection could match that of any sizable West End cast.”
“a fantastic musical rendition of Doris Dories’ German romantic comedy ‘Men’”
A must see for any lover of a good rom-com or musical, but also for any man or woman wishing to have an insight into the world of men– take it from me it’s a very entertaining place!
Backstage Pass

“A talented and likeable cast bring plenty of verve to the party”
“Keates’ production clearly does what it set out to do, and does it well: it’s fast-paced, entertaining, and will leave you smiling.”
Exeunt Magazine

“utilising some of the most outstandingly talented performers and creatives working on the fringe”
“The Landor has scored another triumph”
“A terrific production”
“The Landor have given us that rare treat, a production richly flowing with so much talent”
Fourthwall Magazine

“There is a lot to love about this show”
So So Gay

Steven Webbs “Way Too Trendy” French restaurant host is an absolutely brilliant display of musical comedy”
“Kate Graham’s portrayal of Lucy was full of complete honesty and sincerity. Her performance of “Because” and the reprise were true highlights of the show”
“a very entertaining show”
“a great cast in this intimate – and air-conditioned (!) – gem of London’s fringe”
One Stop Arts

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