Quotes & Testimonials

“Andrew Keates is a leading figure in British theatre: his drive to present new plays and musicals, performed by the very best in young talent has been one of the most refreshing developments in the London theatre world for ages”

Stephen Fry

“Andrew Keates is responsible for bringing my early play “Passing By” back to contemporary life and he did so with a heady mixture of passion and talent.  He has the potential to ultimately reach beyond the fringe and to be a potent force in the British theatre. Everything about him screams “watch this space!!”

Martin Sherman

“Andrew is energetic, determined and creatively ambitious in equal measure, always positive, always enthusiastic. It’s not enough just to want to make interesting, fresh, imaginative theatre, directors need to have the nous and the attention to detail actually to make it happen. Andrew is one of the make-it-happen variety and since he has been such a champion of my work I’m especially glad he is!”

Howard Goodall

“When he directed the UK premiere of my play CHINGLISH, Andrew Keates proved himself to be an inspirational artist and human being. His commitment to diversity and inclusion points the way towards the future of British theatre.”

David Henry Hwang

Good intentions do not guarantee good results.  Somehow Andrew Keates turns works of merit into evenings of entertainment. Don’t call him a dramaturge, call him an alchemist.” 

Paul Gambaccini

“Andrew Keates’ production of our musical “Dessa Rose” was a stunning coup de theatre. Even in a tiny space, and with minimal props and scenery, he managed to bring vivid life and immediacy to the story. The audiences were over the moon every night and the reviews for this British premiere of our piece were sensational. We could not be more pleased to recommend Mr. Keates to anyone looking for a smart, sensitive, savvy and passionate director.”

Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty

“Andrew is blessed with intellect, insight, humour and intelligence which, like a priest with eager flock, he puts to excellent use while practicing and perfecting his particular craft. In other words he’s cool.”

Paul Scott Goodman

“I’ve no idea how Andrew Keates gets so much action in such a little space” 

Lord Melvyn Bragg


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“Andrew Keates directs with ingenuity, eliciting performances that are both vigorous and nimble”
Henry Hitchings, London Evening Standard

“Immaculately directed by Andrew Keates.”
Mark Shenton, The Stage

“Developed and directed by the creative force that is Andrew Keates”
Petra Schofield, Remotegoat

“Andrew Keates’ direction utilities the space to it’s full potential. He achieves key moments throughout the story, whether big or small, and it flows with quick pace and increasing interest”
Richard Brownie-Marshall, The Huffington Post

“Andrew Keates doesn’t really do easy. In fact, the bravery of his work notwithstanding, he is fast becoming my favourite Director in London and certainly one of the best”
Theatre Weekly

“This first class production, in the extraordinary hands of Andrew Keates, hits every mark in displaying a dazzling display of undying and forgiving love.”
William J. Connolly, The Gay Times

“All brought together by Andrew Keates’ faultless direction”
Ruby-Isla Cera Marle, A Younger Theatre

“Director Andrew Keates gets the tone absolutely right”
Susan Elkin, The Stage

“For all the impressive attendant parts which go to make up this magical evening, it really is the Director, Andrew Keates’ show. Mr Keates, who did so much to build up The Landor into Clapham’s mini theatrical powerhouse, shows by his extremely fluid and interlaced direction that he’s fully ready to take his place amongst the top flight of directors of his generation. That he coaxes from his actors performances of such charm, nuance, and bravery shows that he not only loves this play, but understands the motivations of the protagonists better than anyone.”
Rivka Jacobson, Plays To See

Gone are stylised performances of the beautiful language, and in are the raw passions at the core of the story, something Andrew Keates’ assured direction brings quivering to the electric yet understated action on stage”
Melissa Rynn, StageWon

“Superb direction by Andrew Keates”
Stephen Bates, The Public Reviews

“As we’ve come to expect from an Andrew Keates production, it’s directed with a delicacy of touch and a firm handle on pace, bringing the story fully to life”
Greg Jameson, Entertainment Focus

“the spell of this magical space deftly cast by the creative genius of Andrew Keates”
Petra Schofield, Remote Goat

“this brilliant adaptation showcases the best of British musical talent perfectly; from the institution that is Goodall, to the ever-exciting work of Keates”
Melissa Rynn, StageWon

“Director Andrew Keates and his team get the tone absolutely right.”
Susan Elkin, WhatsOnStage

“Andrew Keates’ direction is sublime – all the subtle nuances are detected and used”
Sophie Cornell, Remote Goat

“The musical – and Andrew Keates’ elegantly focused staging of it – cast a warm glow over a chilly play”
Mark Shenton, The Stage

“The company have been guided skillfully by director Andrew Keates who has been able to ensure a unity was formed between the company and musicians that gives this bond a mighty punch.”
Terry Eastham, The New Current

“It goes without saying that Keates revival isn’t just a success with an exceptional ensemble company, it is essential theatre that needs to be seen. There is a positive message of hope and love that is a very important one and one that you’re not likely to forget anytime soon”
“Some revivals are as groundbreaking as they are essential bringing forth a message that audiences wont forget. This can be more of an added burden for the company yet Keates has worked tightly with his company who show a deep commitment to rise to the challenge and do justice to this work.”
The New Currant

“In publicly declaring his own HIV+ diagnosis Keates has made a personal stand that it as inspirational today as Hoffman’s prose was decades ago. The emotional and physical importance of As Is demands that it be seen”
Jonathan Baz

“vibrantly brought to life through Andrew Keates’ direction”
Annegret Märten, One Stop Arts

“Developed and directed by the creative force that is Andrew Keates this adaptation of Shakespeare’s late play swings from a dysfunctional cold world whose innocence is lost through distrust and paranoia into a rural idyll with songs of flowers and glowing warmth that allows the score to soar and breathe in glorious colour”
Petra Schofield, Remotegoat

“Andrew Keates has attracted a cast and creative team of the highest standard to deliver this professional world premiere.”
★★★★ Jonathan Baz, The Public Reviews

“The quality of both direction (Andrew Keates) and  the acting are superb with its depth and realism created”
My Theatre Mates/Carn’s Theatre Passion

“superb direction by Andrew Keates, fantastic songs and a really amazing cast of talented performers make this a ‘must-see’ production for any music lover. I don’t know about Paris, but Jacques Brel is currently truly alive and well, under the arches in London’s West End”
Terry Eastham, LondonTheatre1.com

“Despite (in fact, because of) the heavy subject matter, As Is is an extremely funny piece, and director Andrew Keates manages this with a great delicacy of touch that teases out the humour but never at the expense of credibility”
Greg Jameson, Entertainment Focus

“Andrew Keates’ masterful revival should be a source of pride, in every sense”
Scott Matthewman, The Stage

“Andrew Keates has delivered a production as close to perfect as you’d probably ever get. Yet another triumph for the Finborough”
Gareth James

“Andrew Keates’ confident, well performed production gives us a welcome reminder of a great talent”
The Public Reviews

“Under the direction of Andrew Keates …Brel’s complex songs are given a fresh perspective and a new lease of life.”
Paul in London

“Director Andrew Keates has done an expert job bringing out the best qualities of Sherman’s play and adding more”
Milly Kenny-Ryder, Fwix

“It is superbly cast and beautifully crafted in vision. Andrew Keates (Directing) has captured the very soul of the text, ensuring there are moments of supreme celebration and love amidst the crushing futility of illness and disease”
Petra Schofiled, Remotegoat

“Andrew Keates achieves miracles in a tiny space”
Robert Tanitch, Mature Times

“Andrew Keates direction is spot on from the lovely opening to the ending, there is not a single moment I would change”
Terry Eastham, London Theatre1

“Director Andrew Keates directs a haunting production with exemplary sensitivity and skill”
Mark Shenton, Sunday Express

“Andrew Keates’ staging is neater than many a new piece seen in the West End”
M. F. Jones, Exeunt Magazine

“Keates has directed diverse plays and musicals before, and he handles this one deftly.”
The British Blacklist

“It’s one of the best musical productions I have ever seen”
Mark Shenton, The Stage

“Andrew Keates’ direction is elegant and precise”
Georgia Blake, Whatsonstage

“In this cabaret setting, Andrew Keates’ wonderful direction gives the piece new-life; away from the usual concert edition of the show. Keates provocative and on occasion highly emotive direction allows the cast to find great depth and understanding in each of their continually changing characters.”
William J Connolly, The Gay Times

“It only takes a few bars of the opening number and my mind is put to rest by the intelligent and innovative direction of Andrew Keates”
Sam James, The Fringe Review

“Keates handles the play with the delicacy and love it deserves and it shows – this is one of those rare and beautiful productions that demands recognition.
Rowena Hawkins, PlaysToSee

“under the sensitive and meticulous direction we have grown to expect from Andrew Keates”
Bargain Theatreland

“Andrew Keates’ direction brings originality and insight to Hoffman’s powerful play.”
Carolin Kopplin, UK Theatre Network

“Andrew Keates has pulled out all the stops to create an engaging and richly textured piece of successful musical theatre”
Paul Vale, The Stage

“Andrew Keates’s direction fully immerses the audience into the characters’ spirit, passion and determination to do the best by themselves and their families”
Kate Finburg, Broadway World

“Writers Paul Scott Goodman and Miriam Gordon were in the audience, it is hard to imagine they will have seen a more layered production than is offered by Andrew Keates who squeezes every last emotion and nuance from the score and his stellar cast”
Petra Schofield, Remote Goat

“Andrew Keates has created a number of wrap-around events including post-show Q&A’s.  The goal is to encourage people to be tested for HIV, and free HIV testing is available after every Friday night performance. After seeing the play I’ve decided to be tested, whatever the result this play will certainly have changed the way I think about HIV and AIDS. Running for only a month, this is not a show you should miss”
Theatre Weekly

“director Andrew Keates lays bare without fuss the subtext, what is said and felt in the space between the words”
Broadway Baby

“Andrew Keates’ beautifully assured direction”
Timothy Ramsgate, Reviews Gate

“The acting is outstanding and Andrew Keates has again assembled one of the finest companies around. A compelling production, not to be missed”
Jonathan Baz

“Andrew Keates no doubt directs a vibrant, non apologetic piece, placing a miscroscope on a subject matter that otherwise is designated to the mid 80s and forgotten about, although millions currently live with HIV and AIDS.”
Lucy Basaba, Theatre Fullstop

“This is something director Andrew Keates knows all to well, he is an active campaigner and ambassador for Terrence Higgins Trust urging the seriousness of this disease to be recognised without stigma or prejudice. He guides the production with acute sensitivity and warmth, that leaves you laughing one moment and crying the next”
Becky Usher, West End Wilma